¿How to be a Volunteer?

Volunteering at the Foundation for Youth, Environment, and Sports is a unique opportunity for individuals committed to the well-being of society and the environment. Our mission is to promote the active participation of volunteers in projects that contribute to the sustainable development of local communities and the conservation of the natural environment. By joining our volunteering program, participants not only offer their time and energy, but also become agents of change, working together to address environmental challenges, promote sports among youth, and foster a culture of social responsibility. Together, we aspire to create a positive and lasting impact on present and future generations. IF YOU WANT TO BE PART  OF OUR VOLUNTEERING YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE DE NEXT REQUIREMENTS:

Requirements to Participate in Volunteering:

  1. Age:  Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. However, in some cases, younger participants may be considered with the consent of a legal guardian and under certain specific conditions                                        
  2. Commitment: Volunteers are expected to commit to the program for a minimum period determined by the Foundation. This commitment may vary depending on the specific project they join.
  3. Availability: Participants must be available to dedicate a specific amount of time to volunteering activities. This may include weekends, weekdays, or extended periods during holidays, depending on the project’s needs.
  4. Training: Completing a training program may be required before starting volunteering, especially if it involves specific activities or handling specialized equipment.
  5. Skills and Experience: While prior volunteering experience is not required, any knowledge or skills related to the foundation’s areas of interest, such as the environment, sports, or working with youth, are valued.
  6. Good Physical Condition: Some volunteering projects may require a certain level of physical fitness to participate in outdoor or physically demanding activities. Participants are recommended to be in good health and able to adapt to different environmental conditions.       
  7. Motivation and Positive Attitude: Volunteers are expected to be motivated, enthusiastic, and willing to collaborate as a team. A positive attitude towards volunteering and a commitment to the foundation’s values are fundamental aspects of successful participation.

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