Discover the impactful commitment of our “Podemos ser  Heroes” program through the valuable agreements established. We are dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing the target communities of our programs to achieve significant change in our environment. Through these strategic collaborations, we seek to inspire and empower individuals and communities to become agents of environmental change. Join us on this transformative mission as we work together to build a more sustainable and healthy future for all. Your participation is key to being heroes in protecting our precious planet. Together, we can achieve it!

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Agreement between YFSE and The Ministry   of Justice and Peace

We are pleased to announce a significant collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and Peace and the Foundation for Youth, Environment and Sports (YFSE), under the auspices of the MP – YFSE Cooperation Agreement. This exciting agreement establishes a joint commitment to the promotion of sustainable environmental practices and the active participation of youth in sporting activities. As a sign of this commitment, the YFSE has been authorized, at the request of the CAI San José authorities, to carry out the collection of solid waste, such as paper, cardboard, plastics and others, at the CAI San José facilities, property of the Ministry of Justice and Peace. This is a concrete step towards building a cleaner and healthier environment, merging efforts between the public administration and a foundation dedicated to youth development, respect for the environment and the promotion of sports. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and vibrant future!


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